Submission Details for Authors (Special Promotions and Offers)

** Submissions Closed  **

Submission guidelines -

A warm welcome to dear indie author friends, readers and visitors to this blog! Blog Wonder World extends sincere support to this brilliant and creative community of indie authors in their quest for successful promotional campaigns across a multitude of social media platforms. It is a special privilege for blog Wonder World, to be a valuable resource for a multitude of authors out there, who wish to showcase their work. So, welcome author friends !! Look forward to hosting and promoting you across multiple social media portals.

What Wonder World offers to indie and /or self-published authors and poets :

--Tweeting about your book through Twitter.

-- Your book gets featured in Blog Wonder World's Facebook page and a growing audience.

-- Your author and book spotlight post gets shared through multiple Facebook readers' groups.

-- Your book post is shared in other popular social networking sites and cross promoted multiple times.

These sincere promotional activities have the major aim, which is to increase traffic flow to your book spotlight and new audience exposure to your books and author brand. Blog Wonder World has received huge responses from several indie authors over the past two years to showcase great books and/or do an author spotlight.

If  you like these Promotional Ideas (mentioned above), then lets work together to highlight your valuable and magnificent works in front of the growing sea of readers out there, and give them a good and entertaining read.

Purchase any Bundled or individual Promotional package through Paypal - Click the Paypal "Buy Now" button from the promotional options listed in the blog's right side bar.

Once you made the payment, please inform about the same to Wonder World's email : mentioning in the email's subject : Paid to Wonder World for book spotlight and promotion .

This would be followed by the steps towards featuring and promoting your post in this blog and across multiple social media portals.  

Note : Wonder World always tries to send a confirmation response within 24 hours of the Paypal payment information receipt. However, in the event of non receipt of confirmation immediately after a Paypal payment, please allow Wonder World upto 72 hours to send you a confirmation about your payment for a promotional package via Paypal. Thank you!

The Promotion Packages : 

1. Individual Book Spotlights (special feature about the book's author, their picture, is included in this package) :

a) One Book  + Book Excerpt :$12

b) Three Books (or Box set of 3 books) + Book Excerpts : $25

c) Four Books (or Box set of 4 books) + Book Excerpts : $40

2. Book Collages: Collage of 2 Books (Book excerpts for each book included) : $20

A JPEG image of a larger size and clear resolution displaying a group of 2 books . The book title and the author names would be clearly visible. Below the Book Collages, purchase links for the books would be prominently displayed. Book Excerpts are included in the package.

3. Bundled - Book Collage ( 1 book spotlight + 1 month side display for each book) : $30

What you will receive :

i. The link to the posts will be sent to you.

ii. Your post will be constantly highlighted- tweeted, Facebook shared through multiple tweets and other social media portals as mentioned earlier in this post.

iii. A prominent cover image of your Author photo (if you provide one) with bio followed by your book (s) at the centre of the post with all the purchase links to online bookstores and links to your website, twitter account, Goodreads Page, Facebook Page and any other page links you wish to feature.

iv. (For the promotion packages) An Excerpt from your book(s) will be posted if you send one. Maximum word count - 1400 words per Excerpt. Please note - book excerpts that carry objectionable or insulting or derogatory words / comments to any race, culture or individual will not be posted.

v.  Your Spotlights will find a special place in the Wonder World: HALL OF FAME (Please view this page) . These sites will be sincerely promoted across multiple social media platforms to give your books and author spotlight maximum coverage in addition to the individual links to your book post or feature. 

vi.Please send the following details for the Special Spotlights in an MS Word doc file to email id : mentioning in the subject line - Wonder World Promotion

-- Links to your author profile, twitter handle, Facebook pages, Goodreads pages.

-- Author Bio and author webpage.

-- Achievements/Awards if any with links to such sites.

-- Any trivia/interesting information about the book(s) you are featuring in the post along with your author bio.You can also include any upcoming or ongoing special offers for your book.

--Attach separately to the email your Author photo ( 300x500 JPEG)

--Name of your Ebook/Book.

--Book genre , any digital or print ISBN, formats in which your books have been published. Please mention whether the ISBN is for digital or print format.

--Booktrailer link if you have one.

--A captivating synopsis of your book

--Online link to the bookstores where your book is available in digital and print formats.

--An excerpt of your book's chapter - Maximum limit 1400 words.

--Links to your book reviews and ratings for your book.

--Any "tags/labels" that you want to include in your featured book post

-- Attach separately to the email : A JPEG/JPG Cover image of your Book : size 300x500

Submissions from authors are accepted in the following book genres to feature and promote in this blog and multiple social media portals : (Except Ebooks with controversial topics or pro-anti religious beliefs)

Romance (No Erotica)
Thrillers, Mysteries
Urban Fantasy, dystopian
Vampire/Werewolves (No Erotica)
Horror (No Gore)
Comedy , Humor
Contemporary Fiction
Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Science Fiction
Young Adult, Coming of Age
Literary Fiction and Classic Literature
Memoirs and Biography
Historical Fiction
Children's Books
Non Fiction (sans politics and controversy)
Educational and Study Books
Inspirational and Motivational
Short Stories
Poetry (sans controversial, religion based - pro or anti)

Submissions are not accepted in the following Ebook genres :

Non-fiction on politics and other controversial topics
Excessive violence (Abuse/Domestic violence/too much gore) and explicit novels
Political fiction 
Religion based fiction or beliefs (pro-anti)
New Age

Wonder World will not accept Ebook details (including excerpts) and cover images (including Erotica) portrayed on an Ebook cover, graphic novel or any other Ebook that has controversy in it , is controversial, insulting, abusive or acts as a hate message to any individual, culture or race of people.

Wonder World is here to promote and assist brilliant authors and poets in their ongoing promotional efforts to make their valuable creative works reach prospective readers and fans across this virtual world.

If you have any queries about the book genres featured, or individual promotional packages or bundled offers apart from what is already mentioned, please feel free to email - Wonder World at Thank you for your visit! 

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